LAWALKANDPAINT has started….hurray!
A few friends said they wanted to see what I was cooking up, all this talk about me putting together this new project, involving nature ,watercolors and groups of kindred souls.
So we set off for our adventure on an incredibly sunny warm LA day. Mid – morning, Del Rey Lagoon and The Pacific alive with action in all its splendor. Birds frolicking, taking off in big flocks and landing with all their grace, other looking around for breakfast. Young children swinging in the distance, and the Pacific Ocean crashing onto shore. In a relaxed fashion, we explored the area then I presented my watercolor workshop. Lots of questions, a few friends had never done a watercolor, other friends knew they had painted but it had been a few years back. After looking all the materials over, discussing various techniques, and checking out a sample book I had prepared of possible approaches, each friend set off to their chosen spot. I made my rounds as they were painting or check in when they returned, more talk about what they noticed and experienced. It was quite festive. On to the lunch! I unwrapped and laid out the table cloth, then came all the goodies. We all ate with enthusiasm…..where did our appetites come from?…..must be the walking, exploring and painting. Good time by all including me. A success!
Join us next time.