Luxury tours of del rey lagoon los angeles

Del Rey Lagoon & the Pacific (seasonal)

These luxury tours offer a variety of enchanting water experiences. Tucked away in Playa Del Rey, from Sept-May we explore the Del Rey Lagoon nestled next to the immense Pacific Ocean. The lagoon is home to fresh water birds living in a serene protected environment. Your eyes will rest on assorted pruning waterbirds and seagoing Gulls, then move on to the mountains of Malibu silhouetted against the horizon.

Del Ray Lagoon Tour

~A stroll by the Pacific
~Discovering the lagoon
~A 30 minute water color workshop
~45 mins of guided painting time
~A relaxed picnic by the sea complete with local organic produce
~Watercolor kit to take home & memories to last a lifetime

These luxury tours include exploring the beachfront and dune, lagoon and surrounding neighborhood, a watercolor workshop, a painting experience and then enjoying a picnic lunch where we share stories and paintings together. This tour offers the unique opportunity to explore the Pacific Ocean shoreline, experiencing its immense sense of space combined with the intimacy of the Del Rey Lagoon.

luxury tours of del rey lagoon in los angeles


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