water painting for beginners

When visiting a new place or trying something new, it is normal to wonder about the details. To make things simple, I created a list of the most frequently asked questions I receive about my tours. Hopefully they are helpful but feel invited to send me any questions you might have if you are unable to find your answers here.

1) Do you need to have previous experience with art or painting to enjoy these tours?

Everyone is welcome. The tour includes water painting for beginners so it’s important to bring a playful sense of humor and desire to learn!

2) How big are the groups?

The average tour group size is 3-10 participants.

3) How long are most tours?

Each tours lasts between 3 and 3.5 hours and includes lunch.

4) Are gift certificates available?

Yes! These tours including water painting for beginners are great birthday gift ideas or presents for other occasions. To order a GC click below.

Gift Cards

5) Can I arrange for a private tour?

These experiential tours are great for friends day out, family experiences or anniversaries. To arrange your private special occasion tour, call or send an email via the contact page.
6) Does the tour have an age limit?

This tour is for 16 years and older and is primarily a walking tour. Although the tours are lead at a leisurely pace, each person will need to be able to comfortably walk for 30-45 mins to fully enjoy the experience. Families can also be accommodated. For more info, get in contact.

7) Do I have to pay in advance for my tours?

Yes, our tours are handled via Eventbright and it will allow you to pay by credit card or PayPal.

8) What is your cancellation policy?

Tours are non-refundable. If you cancel 48 hours before your tour you will receive credit towards another tour of your choice on another date or  a gift certificate to give your tour to someone else. If plans should change and you need to cancel, please email lawalkandpaint@gmail.com or call 323. 451 9715.

9) What happens if it rains on tour day?

We have a special rainy day destination tour of Mothers Beach where we can meet in a sheltered environment and take the water color experience to a whole new level !! If weather should require, you will be contacted via email the day before your tour with instructions to the new meeting spot.

10) What should I do if I can’t find the tour meeting point or am running late?

If you are running late call Kady at 323. 4519715. We can wait for a maximum of 15 minutes, before your tour becomes non-refundable.

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