unique watercolor art tours by Kady HoffmanMy name is Kady Hoffman. I am an LA insider and the creator of these unique art tours. While my paintings are featured in collections in Europe, Mexico and throughout the US, my heart is here in my native Los Angeles. I’ve dedicated many years not only to my art but to cultivating calmness through Buddhist meditation traditions such as Aikido, Iaido, and Vispassana. Working in the Education Dept at LACMA, I’ve created art curriculum, conducted workshops for corporations and schools, and given private classes for all ages. I also enjoy being a contributing member of the vibrant Venice Art Community.

I see my world through the lens of an artist. This perspective consistently contributes to the rich quality of my everyday experience and every aspect of my art tours. It adds playfulness and joy. My wish is that you have a very good time as you partake it this unique journey of art by the sea.

About My Tours