Relaxed? Can you imagine LA with no traffic, no old rumbling tour bus, just shopping for more stuff? When you do LA my way, we walk, there are beautiful art materials to use, demonstrations on how to create different painting effects. And then,at last, your special spot. There you will spend time creating your little masterpiece. No experience needed, just a willingness to discover delight. We gather again, over a picnic prepared by a local restaurant to talk, share and connect.

I grew up in a local beach town, about 20 minutes south in the middle of a surfing culture. My grandmother, whom I was very close to, lived a block from the Venice Boardwalk. I have fond memories growing up there riding the trolleys, seeing the poet Beatniks, and enjoying the close-knit immigrant communities that dotted the boardwalk. My parents moved to the Marina Del Rey when it was just starting to be developed. My dad and I would sail out of the harbor, sun, rain or storm warnings. Later, when I was an adult, I returned to Venice to have a prominent art studio on Abbot Kinney and later build a studio home there. I am a native of the area……

Now I want to give back to the visitors and locals of my community. I created these tours to give the participants the opportunity to experience the Los Angeles I know and love. I have had many chances to live other places in the world, but I find myself here. Why, because I have an intimate relationship to this place, the sun-filled days, the overcast, the colors of the chaparral, the pace of the coastal zone.

Please come and join me on this adventure. I choose three particularly distinctive and beautiful areas. Choose one and I ‘ll see you there.