The Gift

The Gift of an Experience There is something special about being given an experiential gift. It is different from a person giving you an object. An experience goes deep within us, memories are created. Many years ago, I was gifted with a trip to see the Monarch butterflies in the mountains of Michoacan, Mexico. That experience is as clear as if it happened yesterday. I was very present in the moment that day and later it left me with the most amazing collections of memories. Nature is constantly gifting us, we only have to open ourselves to her beauty. There [...]


LAWALKANDPAINT has started….hurray! A few friends said they wanted to see what I was cooking up, all this talk about me putting together this new project, involving nature ,watercolors and groups of kindred souls. So we set off for our adventure on an incredibly sunny warm LA day. Mid – morning, Del Rey Lagoon and The Pacific alive with action in all its splendor. Birds frolicking, taking off in big flocks and landing with all their grace, other looking around for breakfast. Young children swinging in the distance, and the Pacific Ocean crashing onto shore. In a relaxed fashion, we [...]