fun day trips in los angeles when it rains

Mothers Beach (Rainy Day Tour)

Fun day trips in Los Angeles are not always dependent on sunny days! Although good weather is something most locals take for granted,  if by chance, it is a light rainy day on your scheduled tour date, we will meet at Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey.

There, under the protected awning, we have a view of the entire inlet. Bring an umbrella and a sense of adventure, and we will wander a bit around the area. After brief instruction on water painting for beginners, you will have some time to create your masterpiece! The tour, like the others, culminates in a cozy organic picnic by the sea.

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There is something quite beautiful to be out in the rain, the water drops hitting the glassy water, the colors, the quiet tempo. Dress appropriately, and have a good time of this unusual experience.

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